Why Chrysler Dealers Should be Your First Stop when Looking for a New or Used Chrysler

When a person is looking for a Chrysler vehicle, especially if they are looking for a new car, about the only place a new Chrysler vehicle can be purchased is at Chrysler dealers. However, whether a person is looking for a new vehicle or a certified used Chrysler, there are many benefits to visiting a new car dealer.

New Chrysler’s

When it comes to a dealer, the selection of new and quality used vehicles is a big draw for prospective customers. Whether a person is looking for the all new Chrysler 300 or the Pacifica minivan, a dealer will have wide range of options. Perhaps a person is looking for a specific color, performance package or maybe they are looking for a hybrid minivan model. A dealer not only will have several different models to choose from, they can also find the exact car a person is looking for if the exact model a customer wants isn’t on the lot.

Certified Used Chrysler

As it relates to used cars, most new car dealers typically have a wide variety of used cars, however, much like a dealer is the only place to buy a new Chrysler, it is also the only place a certified used Chrysler can be purchased. Certified used vehicles are dealer manufacturer specific cars that have undergone an extensive inspection process. In addition, most certified vehicles will also have to meet certain standards such as a mileage limit and in many cases, a vehicle that has been in an accident cannot be classified as a certified vehicle.

Also, when a vehicle goes through the certification process, it must pass a multi point inspection. If it doesn’t, the vehicle will be reconditioned using factory parts until the vehicle is able to pass the inspection. Lastly, certified used Chrysler vehicles come with limited warranties and are eligible for extended warranties for purchase.

Dealership’s not only have a good selection of new and quality used cars, they also provide excellent customer service, vehicle repair and maintenance services as well as excellent financing options for virtually any buyer. So, if you’re looking for a new or used Chrysler vehicle, do yourself a favor and check out what a dealer has to offer.