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Tips to Care for Your Dubia Roaches

If you want to breed Blaptica Dubia roaches, then you need to know few things first. The first thing that you should do is to figure out the kind of Dubia that you have. Some people call these creatures as Guyana orange spotted roach all because of its dark brown color and at the same time, light orange spots. Adult Dubia typically reaches 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length and can live for up to a year.

The male Dubia have wings while female Dubia have wing stubs however, neither of them can fly. Dubia don’t burrow and can’t climb on smooth surfaces. After having an idea of Dubia, the next important thing that you have to know is the proper way of taking care of their colony.

The Diet of Blaptica Dubia composes of fresh fruits and veggies supplemented with grain cereal, dry dog food, fish flakes and baby cereal. If this form of diet is something that you can’t consistently provide, you may look for alternative diets in the internet. Prior to feeding your Dubia, it is important that you double check the food and get rid of anything that may be molded. Molded food is going to hurt the colony. See to it at the same time that your colony has enough water supply. Use water crystals to help your Dubia get water they needed; this will prevent a messy environment as well than liquid water. Be sure that you put water crystals in smaller dish so your Dubia is going to have a nice place to move around.

Let’s now move forward on the ideal environment after knowing how to feed Dubia roaches. Due to the reason that Dubia are non-climbing specie, any smooth sided box or container will serve as a great home for these creatures. For them to breed and keep growing their colony, make sure that the container has sufficient egg crates. In the container, there should be above 40 percent humidity for your Dubia to live perfectly. Actually, there’s a quick fix to this and it is by making use of heat lamp or a heat mat.

To get the ideal humidity level, you may have to mist the container or box with water but ensure that it will never gets mold or else, your colony will die. In the container, it will be strongly recommended if you can maintain a temperature of 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Keep the environment of your Dubia roaches at these said specifications to guarantee that your colony lives healthily.

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