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Services Offered by General Dentistry

It is good to get familiar with the general denstistry to be able to know what are the services they offered. Actually, general dentistry would cover wide variety of dental procedures. If you have with you CAT scans or mold in your teeth, then this all falls under the category of general dentistry. If ever that you had undergone CAT scan, x-rays, or mold done, this all will fall under the category of the general dentistry. As far as the dental treatment would go in the general dentistry, you can be able to find that most of the general dentists will also ofer some of the following services that is included below.

Fillings is the first services that is offered by the general dentistry which helps to restore the tooth. The fillings are composed of gold, mercury, porcelain, and also composite resins.

General services also offers crowns that makes use of the artificial teeth being fitted into the dmaged teeth. Crowns are good for the teeth since it maintains the structure of teh tooth and helps to protect it from tehe further damages that it can acquire.

Next service offered by the general dentistry is dental bridge which is a dental appliance which contains the artificial teeth being anchored over the remaining teeth or over the crowns. The appliance is fitted to the natural teeth on either of the sides of the gap in order to help in securing the replacement teeth proper place.

The famous general dentistry service is this root canal therapy which is performed whenever the pulp right within the tooth encounters infection and this procedure aims to save the tooth. The general dentist is required to perform this kind of procedure to the client and must be specialized one.

The next service is the teeth cleaning which will only polish the teeth and can take form of a scale or advice on flossing the teeth and brushing them. The materials being used is the composite resin that will harden and help fuse the teeth when the specialized light is shine upon it.

Second to the last service offered by the general dentistry is dentures which replaces the loss tooth or the missing teeth and functions like a natural one. The dentures can be partial or full.

Last on the list is the treatments of the maxillofacial or the term used to describe the jaw, mouth, and the face in general that treats the TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder and also include dental implants.

Clients can choose among those service offered by the general dentists. But, there are also wide range of cosmetic procedure that the general dentist offered like teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, and veneers.

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