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Understanding the use of Short Tail Keywords

While searching for information online, what methods do you use? Does your search include typing the whole information, or keying in one word? Using a single word from the main sentence to search for information is referred to as short tail keywords. Use of long words, or more than two words while searching for info on any search engine is commonly referred as long tail keywords. The two have been used in digital marketing to attract traffic on websites.

Tips for use of short tail keyword.

To benefit from the use of short tail keywords, here are some useful tips to note. Pick a word that relates to your kind of business. Pick an example of a learning website where different languages are virtually taught. The ideal keyword can be one of the languages been taught, e.g. French. Another tip is the ability to differentiate between the two tail keywords. Short tail keywords should consist OF one or two words, else, becomes a long tail keyword. Another useful tip is the use of simple, easy to pronounce as well as type words. Online users avoid typing difficult words, and this will have an effect on the traffic flow on your website.

What benefits does using short tail keywords bring.

Its use reaches a big number of internet users. In return, the site experiences a huge traffic, meaning the sales increases.

The shortcomings of short tail keyword.

One disadvantage of using the short tail keywords is that the whole campaign may not reach the targeted audience. The traffic coming to the site may be from the wrong audience, thus, will be of minimal benefit. Take an example of an office furniture seller who decides to use the word ‘furniture’ as their short tail keyword in the marketing campaign The keyword will direct the audience who search for ‘furniture; to the site, but not specifically office furniture. Another con is that; there are several companies are running the same marketing campaigns at the same time. If your competitor use the same keyword as yours, the traffic will be distributed. The site may not be ranked first at the search engine during the time.

Another con is the huge competition on the use of short tail keywords, compared to long tail keywords use. Lets use an example of ‘car dealer’ as the short tail keyword. The search engine will yield several results, based on the example provided. The many results may not have your car dealer company ranked among the top, thus little effects on your campaign. If the user includes more words on the keywords, such as ‘Car dealer in town A,’ the search engines give different specified results.

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