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Tips for Your First Spa Experience

If the thought of getting a spa treatment is nerve-wracking for you, you’re one of many. Several people’s first spa experience is through a gift card. Some people don’t even use this privilege for fear of what would happen, and of the more basic points of spa etiquette.

But just relax. The biggest concern is often removing your clothes for a massage. Truth is, good spas follow strict draping protocols when providing massage treatments to their clients. Only the part of the body being massaged will be must be exposed. The rest will be covered with a blanket or a large towel. Also, there are treatments that let you keep your clothes on, such as reflexology.

And you don’t need to worry about what you should or should not do as someone will be there to assist you during your visit.

Selecting a Spa

Most of us select a spa depending on what’s convenient to us – located nearby, costs cheap, etc. However, several other factors must also be considered, such as the qualifications of the therapists. In fact, if one spa is substantially cheaper than the rest, it could mean that they have untrained and unlicensed therapists.

The demeanor of the staff should be considered too, and you can test it with a single call. If they’re rude or unprofessional, forget it. Also, when you arrive at the spa, the environment should be quiet, relaxing and clean , with soothing music, dim lighting, and pleasant aromas.

If you want to be familiar with a spa before booking, just ask them for a quick tour. Often, they would be eager to give you one. As you book e an appointment, inform them that it’s your first time. You can expect them to be more patient with you in providing answers to any questions you may have. In most cases, they will probably ask you some questions too, such as your preferred therapist, whether male or female.

Before the Visit

It’s good not to eat at least an hour or so before a massage to avoid passing gas during the session. To maximize the benefits of the treatment, drink lots of water after.

Talking to Your Therapist

Lastly, don’t be shy to give feedback to your therapist during the massage. For example, if you want heavier pressure, tell them so they can adjust the pressure until you think it’s fine. If you want to chat or not to chat, they will follow your cue. It’s really all about you and what you want, so take it easy and just enjoy.

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